Smart Process Designer
is an advanced Low-code platform

Low-code is a software development approach that enables the delivery of applications faster and with minimal hand-coding

Benefits of Low-Code

Fast Time to Value

Leveraging low-code development speeds up the time to market for your application and makes a profit faster. Allows you to reduce the backlog and make the required changes.

Modern Architectures

Grant extensible architecture the final solution, thereby providing the necessary flexibility. By starting from small, you scale your solution while maintaining performance, manageability, and transparency.

Easy integrations

Low-Code platforms greatly short-circuit the integration process with any existing systems and support the creation of custom APIs to support next-generation and legacy applications.

Bulletproof Security

Low code platforms ensure compliance with strong requirements, technology, security auditing processes regardless of location, hosting, experience, or development team level.

Great UX by Default

You can create and customize visual forms, workplaces, any grids and tables, charts from scratch using low-code while providing the performance and functionality you need.

According to Gartner, by 2023 over 50% of medium to large enterprises will have adopted an low-code as one of their strategic application platforms.

Gartner Research

Low-code software presents an opportunity that most companies miss during a digital transformation journey - an opportunity to move fast and be nimble.


Low-code for your industry

For Fintech and Banking

Embrace emerging technology to adapt to changing consumer expectations, adopt new business models, increase level of security and reduce technical debt.

For Enterprise and Business

Deliver brilliant web and mobile apps, self-service apps, beautiful portals, and captivating experiences for customers, staff, and business partners.

For Insurance

Outsmart the competition with innovative channel experiences, mobile apps, and solutions that support core insurance operations.

For Healthcare

Help your patients help themselves with seamless self-service apps, portals, and more.

Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll be in good company with Smart Process Designer, the advanced low-code platform for rapid application development and our staff.

Avoidable difficulties

Legacy Systems & Applications

Legacy solutions and monoliths impede an organization’s ability to keep pace with the business. These systems are difficult to maintain, hard to change, and incompatible with new technologies and changes in business processes, often resulting in high costs and increased tech debt.

Business & IT Сommunication gap

Application requirements are not always clearly communicated from business to IT. And because custom and business applications are time-consuming to build, these requirements often evolve as the solution is built, causing the application to fail to meet the requirements.

Challenges Adapting to Agile

Application development, quality assurance, and further development often operate in isolation with traditional waterfall methodology, resulting in a lack of transparency in the application development lifecycle. This leads to production delays, poor application quality, and higher costs.

Talent & Resource Shortages

Highly skilled developers are hard to find and harder to retain. Those dedicated to maintaining legacy systems and building common applications aren’t given the opportunity to challenge themselves or expand their skill sets. This leads to a high churn rate and difficulties attracting top talent.

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This isn’t just about streamlining development, it’s about developing solutions that move the needle for the business. Solve complex problems by building impactful apps at speed & scale.