for Fintech and Banking

As the market grows, SmartProcessDesigner can help you capture more market share by automating and customizing efficient, flexible loan products. Can help you respond quickly, adjust your loan portfolio to maximize loan repayments, meet customer needs, and better manage default risk when the market is in turmoil or down.

Automatic loan application processing and credit decisioning

Every bank has very specific lending requirements, including complex legacy software integrations, constantly changing regulatory rules and ongoing cybersecurity issues.

SmartProcessDesigner can help you find and create your lending solution that is robust and flexible in order to support a wide variety of needs that are unique to banks, regardless of size or location.

SmartProcessDesigner offers effectively flexibility, scalability, and usability when it comes to lending automation. Your Loan Origination System can be customized to meet the exact needs of both traditional and alternative lenders offering both personal and corporate credit products.